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  17 November, 2017

SILENT NIGHT is a hilarious take-no-prisoners comedy for anyone who feels a mix of terror and affection about spending Christmas with family. Normally Christmas is a time for giving, but for the Lickfold family it’s a time for winning! Tired of consumerism, overeating and fake family bonding? Then Silent Night is the perfect antidote to those Christmas blues.

Season runs from 10th November - 10th December 2017.
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"Rising star, Aaron Glenane, plays Rodney, the Lickfold’s only son. At 33 years of age, he is the stay-at-home adult that all parents fear. Glenane seems at home in this truly odd character. His personality is given a slow reveal, but the devilish gleam in his eyes as he unleashes his true identity is worth the lengthy build. And his hover-board skills are beyond impressive." -

"Bishop's take on a mum of the well-meaning but damaging suburban ilk is spot-on. She’s well-matched with Glenane’s Rodney, whose thousand-yard stare and Machiavellian grin is used to great effect in the second act (there may be a Segway involved)." -

"Glenane is a perfect pairing for Bishop, finding all that’s ridiculous in the sullen, absurdly coddled, and ferociously narcissistic Rodney." -

"As the son Rodney, Aaron Glenane...manages to make indolence and aberration watchable. It is in the second act that his performance really shines... His man boy is in his element here and there is a real zest in his later Rodney." -